I want to use the Landsat 8 surface reflection collection (LANDSAT/LC08/C01/T1_SR), which contains the 7 spectral bands plus some extra mask bands. I want to run my algorithm on just the 7 spectral bands, but I'm not sure how to select these. Does the ee.ImageCollection object have a method which allows you to specify which bands are used?

I am trying to run the ee.Algorithms.Landsat.SimpleComposite method on the image collection, which will not run if there is a mask band in the images.

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imageCollection.select([old bands], [new band names]) creates a new image collection containing only a specified set of bands from the images in a specified image collection

var bandSubset = origCol.select(['B1','B2','B3','B4','B5','B6','B7'], ['B1','B2','B3','B4','B5','B6','B7'])
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    Note that .select() is a method of both ee.ImageCollection and ee.Image objects. Additionally, the "new band names" parameter is optional - if unspecified, the original band names are used. Jan 7, 2020 at 16:36

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