I am trying to create a bubble map in CARTO in which a user can click on a bubble and one of the fields that appears is an mp3 file. Alternatively, a soundcloud page with the mp3 could appear with the bubbles' other fields.

My research on the subject has not been fruitful, although I have seen maps that do this successfully: http://www.antievictionmappingproject.net/narratives.html (here the blue bubbles have audio come up when they are clicked).

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If you inspect the web application you have shared with us, the authors have used a <iframe> tag with the soundclound info within a fixed infowindow (iw). So in order to get the same result you should follow these steps:

1-Create a visualization application with CARTO.js (documentation and tutorials).

2-Secondly, add a (fixed or not) custom iw (tutorial).

3-Within the iw <div> add a soundcloud <iframe> (documentation).

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