How can I adjust the central meridian of a built-in projection in ArcGIS Pro? I'm using version


That functionality has not been added yet. One solution is to modify a projected coordinate system in ArcMap, then use the Save As option to store it as a .prj file. In Pro, you can import a .prj file directly or use an existing feature class.

ArcGIS Pro map property page

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As of 2019, you can do the following in ArcGIS Pro:

  • Right click on map, select Properties to open the Map Properties module.
  • Select Coordinate Systems Look to the right for a globe icon with a green plus sign, select to access "Add Coordinate System"

Screenshot showing the Add Coordinate System dropdown

  • Select New Projected Coordinate System to bring up the following dialog box.

New Projected Coordinate System dialog box in ArcGIS Pro

  • In the Name row, change the name to something that you'll remember.
  • In the Projection row, click on the right cell to use the drop down menu to select your projection.
  • In the Central meridian row, enter your value.
  • Save and use your new projection with your adjusted meridian.
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