Is it possible to round raster value in QGIS to a given number of digits? I have raster data with temperatures as values but the authors have made the values Celsius * 10. That is, a temperature of 2.5 is stored as 25. When I use the following formula in the Raster Calculator:

"july_merged@1" * .1

...the result is 2.599999904632568. I just want the 2.5.


As an alternative, you can use in QGIS the gdal.calc module located in : Processing toolbox > GDAL/OGR > GDAL - Miscellaneous > Raster calculator

  • Select your raster (A)

Raster Calculator - raster select

  • Type in the formula : round (A,2)

Raster Calculator - formula

The details of the function used comes from numpy array functions :

  • round_(a[, decimals, out]) Round an array to the given number of decimals.

This way, you can master the way the values are rounded. See below the result.

Raster Calculator - result

In a commandline way :

gdal_calc --calc "Round(A,2)" --format GTiff --type Float32 -A \\my\path\input.tif --A_band 1 --outfile \\my\path\output.tif
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    gdal_calc --calc "Round(A,2)" - correct syntax may depend on Numpy version. For me round_(A,2) works with numpy 1.11. – jurajb Mar 19 '18 at 11:29
  • Hum...good point. Maybe i made a mistake in the final formula. I should check it out... From what I read in my own message (round_(a[, decimals, out]) Round an array to the given number of decimals.), i would say the right syntax is yours.. – gisnside Mar 19 '18 at 14:22

There's no built-in round function (which, ugh why), but this question provides a workaround - How to round up/down an pixel value of a raster to a pixel value with 2 decimal places?

In your case, replace multiply by 100 with multiply by 10 since you only want 1 decimal place.

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  • No, it still adds all of those decimal places. I tried all of the calculations on that page. – Jim Aug 14 '16 at 21:18

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