I have several TIF 2 meter LIDAR DEM files (100+) that I am merging into a single raster and then creating 4m, 6m, 10m, and 30m DEM raster variants.

I would normally just use the Mosaic to New Raster tool and not specify a cell size, maintaining 2 meters and then use the resample tool to downgrade the 2 meter DEM to the variants of 2,4,6,10,and 30 meters.

There is a Cell Size (optional) within the Mosaic to New Raster tool. If I input my 100+ 2 meter DEM files and then select a cell size of 4,6,10... etc., does this tool resample the DEM?

I am not clear on what this field does if I am creating a lower resolution raster from a higher resolution. If it does resample, what method is used since I cannot specify?

It seems I am safer now just Resampling. I would love to learn/understand more and save myself a step.

I have researched this, but I come across questions and answers around merging DEMS but not specifically addressing my question.

I am using ArcMap 10.1. There are 100+ TIF DEM files that are 2 meter cell size. 32 bit float and 1 band. Not sure if any of that is needed.

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    Mosaic 1 raster to new raster with 4 m cell size and compare it with resample result of different resampling. This will answer your q and perhaps take less time than q typing – FelixIP Aug 14 '16 at 18:37

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