I've built a routing application in C# that brings back a route object, with a series of steps, each of which has a name tag such as "Brooke Street (M50)" and nothing more.

This application has been built with an OSRM backend, using data from Geofabrik. When I run a query in map.project-OSRM.org, I'm able to see the full address (street, county, country, postcode). When I run the same query on my local copy of OSRM, I'm only able to retrieve the street name.

Is anybody able to tell me where I can either download the additional data, or how to get access to it? I'm in need of reverse geocoding > full address functionality, which isn't fully possible with what I have access to at the moment.


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For obtaining the full address you have to use a geocoder such as Nominatim. There are other geocoders for OSM available, too.

Also see your very similar question at help.openstreetmap.org.

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