I'm writing a standalone application using QGIS API to export maps automatically as pdf.

When I'm building my QgsComposition, I have an issue:

I have already built a list with the layers I want to show on the map (not all the layers from the original project), but my QgsComposerLegend shows all the layers.

First, I tried this:

    legend = QgsComposerLegend(c)

And the result:

enter image description here

But the layer set is not the one I want.

I found this post: Filter MapComposer legend to only show layers visible on the map

I adapted its code to mine and I have this:

enter image description here

With the code:

    legend = QgsComposerLegend(c)
    layerGroup = QgsLayerTreeGroup()
    for layer in layers:
        layerGroup.insertLayer(0, layer)

The issue is that I would keep the initial tree organization, and just suppress the layers I don't want.

I tried using the QgsLayerTreeGroup methods this way:

    legend = QgsComposerLegend(c)
    layersToRemove = []
    for layer in legend.modelV2().rootGroup().findLayers():
        if layer.layer() not in layers:
    for layer in layerToRemove:
        # print(layer.id())

But I have the same result as the first code... I don't understand why, but the layers are not removed from the tree... Any idea ?

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OK I managed to solve the problem...

To set my layerTree in the legend, I tried to modify directly the layerTreeRoot of the project (I work with a copy of the original project, the layers are never deleted...)

I have built a recursive function to check if each layer in the tree is in my list, and if not, I remove it.

The main code now looks like this:

    legend = QgsComposerLegend(c)
    root = buildLegendLayerTree(project.layerTreeRoot(), layers)

With the following definition for the function:

    def buildLegendLayerTree(root, layers):
        for child in root.children():
            if child.nodeType()==0: # if the child is a group node, not a layer
                child = buildLegendLayerTree(child, layers)
            else: # if it is a layer
                if child.layer() not in layers:

And now I have the result I expected :)

enter image description here

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