I am reviewing the geodata quality standards within my organization. During my review I keep coming across the ISO 19100 series. I am wondering if anyone has used these standards and if they have any input on their usefulness. The purpose of my review is as follows:

  • identify current organizational standards
  • identify potential short comings of my organizations standards
  • implement more robust geospatial data quality standard
  • implement/develop robust geospatial data quality process(es)
  • implement more current metadata and documentation standards

The organization is responsible for maintaining authoritative geospatial data, specifically:

  • parcel fabric
  • topographic features
  • ortho imagery
  • stereo imagery

Would anyone recommend venturing into the ISO 19100 standard for such a dataset, or would other standards be more appropriate?

  • Are you after a recommendation, or are you after confirmation that the ISO 19100 series of standards (such as 19115 and 19139) are widely used (they are in Europe, see INSPIRE)? – nmtoken Aug 18 '16 at 8:24
  • Good question. I am looking for both. As we are at the beginning of the process we are open to both sides. I would like to hear comments on the usefulness and recommendations, for or against ISO, or even for other options. – Ryan Garnett Aug 18 '16 at 19:39

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