I'm creating an Esri Story Map and trying to set a fixed extent for my maps. For example, if I'm trying to illustrate fire stations in the City of Denver, CO I don't want my users to be able to zoom/pan half way across the globe on accident.

I understand that I can set an initial extent - http://www.esri.com/esri-news/arcuser/fall-2013/control-the-map-extent-in-arcgis-online but this doesn't prevent the user from zooming/panning away from my data. I tried to customize my URL according to this source https://doc.arcgis.com/en/arcgis-online/reference/use-url-parameters.htm but haven't been successful.


The ArcGIS Idea entitled Limit/Lock Map Extent in ArcGIS Online has now been set to Implemented:

Starting with the September 2016 release the Minimalist configurable app template now has the option to "Disable all map navigation". This locks the map in its current extent which prevents panning and zooming.


Currently not possible but is under consideration as an ArcGIS Idea entitled Limit/Lock Map Extent in ArcGIS Online.

You can kind of do it by turning off the zoom controls and scroll zoom.

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