As I am fairly new to QGIS I'm seeking your help. I'm trying to measure the distance between points in a point Layer P and the end of lines in a line layer L. In L there are two categories (attributes) of lines, L1 and L4. Connecting pieces of L1 and L4 will always end at a point P, but they may be segmentes (meaning 2 parts L1 may connect to a part of L4 and after that a part L1 again before reaching a point P).

The task is to measure the distance from any point P along the L1 and L4 segments up to a distance of 500 meters. Thereafter I need to separate everything within the 500 meter margin from everything outside the 500 meters. A buffer will not do the job, since the distance is to be measured along the lines.

I'm thankful for any advice, since I got stuck very early on in this process.

This is the situation described.

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