Is it possible to use layer name instaed of layerid in identifyparams. However, over time, the layer order will change because I'll be adding new layers. Therefore, I want to refer to the layers by name, instead of id.can anyone suggest me please (am using arcgis api javascript api 3.17 example https://developers.arcgis.com/javascript/3/sandbox/sandbox.html?sample=find_popup)

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Here's an example that returns the layerId of a named layer.

  var map, layerIds = [];

  ], function (
    Map, ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer, array) {

    map = new Map("mapDiv", {
      sliderOrientation : "horizontal"

    //Takes a URL to a non cached map service.
    var dynamicMapServiceLayer = new ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer("http://sampleserver6.arcgisonline.com/arcgis/rest/services/Census/MapServer", {


    map.on("load", function () {
        layerIds.push(getLayerIdFromMap(dynamicMapServiceLayer, "states"));

    function getLayerIdFromMap(dynamicService, subLyrName) {
        var dLyr = map.getLayer(dynamicMapServiceLayer.id);
        var layerId;
        array.some(dLyr.layerInfos, function (lyrInfo) {
            if (lyrInfo.name === subLyrName) {
                layerId = lyrInfo.id;
        }, this);
        return layerId;
  • thank u kenbuja.. here is my code am not getting where should i apply the above code can u suggest me on that Aug 19, 2016 at 4:57
  • 1
    I have made edited the code to show how to create a layerIds array that you can use in the line identifyParams.layerIds = layerIds; in your mapReady function. You can run the line `layerIds.push(getLayerIdFromMap(dynamicMapServiceLayer, "your layer name"));' multiple times for each layerId you want to be included in the IdentifyTask
    – kenbuja
    Aug 19, 2016 at 13:50
], function (
  Map, InfoTemplate, ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer, SimpleFillSymbol,
  SimpleLineSymbol, IdentifyTask, IdentifyParameters, Popup,
  arrayUtils, Color, domConstruct
) {

    var identifyTask, identifyParams;

    var popup = new Popup({
        fillSymbol: new SimpleFillSymbol(SimpleFillSymbol.STYLE_SOLID,
          new SimpleLineSymbol(SimpleLineSymbol.STYLE_SOLID,
            new Color([255, 0, 0]), 2), new Color([255, 255, 0, 0.25]))
    }, domConstruct.create("div"));

    map.on("load", mapReady);

    var mapserviceURL = "";

    map.addLayer(new ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer(mapserviceURL));

    function mapReady() {
        map.on("click", executeIdentifyTask);
        //create identify tasks and setup parameters
        identifyTask = new IdentifyTask(mapserviceURL);

        identifyParams = new IdentifyParameters();
        identifyParams.tolerance = 3;
        identifyParams.returnGeometry = true;
        //identifyParams.layerIds = [35, 0];
        identifyParams.layerOption = IdentifyParameters.LAYER_OPTION_ALL;
        identifyParams.width = map.width;
        identifyParams.height = map.height;

function executeIdentifyTask(event) {
        identifyParams.geometry = event.mapPoint;
        identifyParams.mapExtent = map.extent;

        var deferred = identifyTask
          .addCallback(function (response) {
              // response is an array of identify result objects
              // Let's return an array of features.
              return arrayUtils.map(response, function (result) {
                  var feature = result.feature;
                  var layerName = result.layerName;

                  feature.attributes.layerName = layerName;
                  if (layerName === 'Assembly') {
                      var taxParcelTemplate = new InfoTemplate("Assembly Details", "AssemblyCode:${AssemblyCode}<br /> AssemblyName:${AssemblyName}");
                  else if (layerName === 'District Hospital') {
                      var buildingFootprintTemplate = new InfoTemplate("District Hospital Details", "HealthFaci Name:${HealthFaci}<br /> CategoryNa:${CategoryNa}<br /> AssemblyCode :${AssemblyCode}");
                  return feature;

this is my code here am adding layerids maually can u suggest me whre ti apply the above code.

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