Coming across Nominatim/Installation it says:

In the US, the OSM instance of Nominatim uses TIGER address data to complement the still sparse OSM house number data.

Basically I'm wonder how it works? Because:

  1. In the TIGER FTP I can't find any file (.shp) representing points/polygons of buildings, not speaking about attribute of house number. By the way: where I can find polygon of regular residential building in TIGER?

  2. Looking at the open street map (example) I don't see a house number. Same when downloading the .shp from geofabric etc.

  3. Checking in public Nominatim API URL there is a house number. So even if there is another source of data rather than TIGER - Why I don't see it on the open street map? Because if some part of the open street map project has the information - don't we should see it on the main map?

  4. Even more - Sometimes the Nomination works fine even if unlike in the above example, we don't have polygon of the building at all on the map...
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    I think the tiger data has address number ranges on the road segments – Ian Turton Aug 19 '16 at 15:56
  • @iant So let's say a road is 100m with number range 1-4, so if the lat/lon located on the 3'rd (50m-75m), it takes 3'rd from the range which in this case is 3? – michael Aug 19 '16 at 16:55

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