I have a csv file in which first column is longitude, second is latitude and third is temperature. However, the points are not at all equidistant i.e. for each pair of lat-lon I have a value. I want to convert it to 2D raster.

I tried with matlab (triangulation and griddata interpolation), but it was giving me 3D raster (surface).

Also, in ArcGIS I tried using XY data as x-lon, y-lat and z-temp but it was not showing georeferenced points. Is there any way ?

  • Convert your lat/lon to points and create a terrain then terrain to raster. What level of license for ArcGIS do you have? Some of the functions will require standard and possibly advanced (and/or 3d or spatial analyst extensions). – Michael Stimson Aug 22 '16 at 3:21
  • 1
    What is 3d raster? It seems interpolation gives you what you need – FelixIP Aug 22 '16 at 4:27
  • For Matlab, gridfit will give much higher quality results than griddata. – GeoMatt22 Sep 11 '16 at 1:25

Basically, you'll need to accomplish two major steps, which are:

  • (i) import your data on ArcGIS and set an appropriate coordinate reference system:

Layers with same coordinate system should align/overlap but do not?

  • (ii) perform the interpolation and output to a raster:

Converting points to raster in ArcGIS?

For more info about ArcGIS interpolation tools, see here.

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