I'm fairly new to QGIS but thought I kinda got the CRS issues. I'm using version 2.8.3 on Windows.

However I'm currently trying to import an asc-file from the German weather service. The problem is that the layer has- once imported- a terrible offset. The map with wind-data of Germany is suddenly located over the black sea.

I've tried all things I could find. Predefining the CRS-System, with ->setting->options, assign projection, tried out several different crs, but it all won't work.

The file description from the weather service says it is

Gauss-Kruger-Projection with reference meridian 9 degree east (Bessel-Ellipsoid)

But I have no idea what to do with this information since I can't find this CRS among the offerer CRS.

Here you can find the files, which are giving me problems. It's the last asc-file in the folder: ftp-cdc.dwd.de

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The EPSG code for your data is 31467. Source for this information is this website. It's other name seems to be "DHDN / Gauss-Kruger zone 3". When asked to enter the projection, type in this code in the Filter area and you'll find your projection easily.

enter image description here

"Gauß-Krüger-Projection in the nten meridian strip - Ellipsoid Bessel Datum Potsdam (origin of Rauenberg) (strip 2 to 5: central meridians 6, 9, 12, 15 degrees)"

It tried on one of the files, it fits real fine :

enter image description here


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