We are currently hosting OSM vector tiles on our mapping server (courtesy osm2vectortiles and tilesever-gl). Now I'm trying to convert our own shapefiles into the same Mapbox Vector Tile format so we can add them as an overlay to our maps.

I believe one way this can be accomplished is by importing the shapefile to PostGIS and then creating vector tiles from that, but I'd like to avoid having to use PostGIS as a middleman if I can, and instead go directly from Shapefile->Mapbox Vector Tiles (which will be stored in an MBTiles container). These will then be served via tileserver-gl.

Does any such tool exist that can convert shapefiles (1-2GB) directly to vector tiles, and ideally perform simplification while it does so?


mapbox-tile-copy will convert shapefiles (and a bunch of other formats) to Mapbox Vector Tiles on Amazon S3.

There is also tippecanoe to create an mbtiles of vector tiles from your shapefile.

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