I was looking into how to Label a few features on a small Map, and want to label them on the fly.

I would be adding a few features (a maximum of around 6 to 7) as graphics on a web-Map which has only a hypsometric rendered DEM. I would like to label these graphics and make sure that the labels do not overlap

I have looked at quite a few papers, but the algorithms look quite complicated. Is there any simple Map Labeling Algorithm that gives reasonable results?

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The fact that there is a large number of papers on the subject should tell you that making a labeling algorithm that produces reasonable results is not simple. If you only have 7 text labels to put on the map and you're looking for a simple algorithm, simulated annealing should provide you with the best complexity vs. quality vs. speed ratio. The algorithm itself is quite simple, the magic is in the quality evaluation function.

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    I looked it up on wikipedia; It wasn't as difficult as I Imagined that it would be. Commented Feb 27, 2012 at 16:47

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