I want to keep only the LiDAR ground points in a las file, using the lasground tool from LAStools within QGIS. In QGIS Chugiak (2.4) there used to be an option to "keep class 2", but I don't know how to do it in the more recent version 2.14.

I tried to write in additional command line parameter(s) "keep class 2", but it breaks.

If anybody knows how to do it in lasground toolbox (bin) it would be also fine.

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The command line for using lasground keeping only ground points is:

lasground -i input.las -o output.las -keep_class 2

Don't forget to specify the paths to the lasground tool and the input/output files. For example:

c:\lastools\bin\lasground -i c:\lidar\raw_data\input.las -o c:\lidar\ground\output.las -keep_class2

You can also use lasground for multiple input files at once:

lasground -i *.las -keep_class 2

See the README file for more information.

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