I have researched, but not found yet a way to create custom stylesheets like ex.:

OSMBright, or carto-openstreetmap stylesheets, and integrate it on my own Ubuntu Tileserver from Openstreetmap data.

At the moment I am using Carto-Openstreetmap stylesheet. Any information on how can I achieve creating a new custom designed differently?

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Im assuming you want a map style written in CartoCSS which is what openstreetmap-carto is written in.

There are several ways to do this. I have used Mapbox Studio Classic in the past. Mapbox does like you to serve tiles from their own platform - there are ways to export to your own server. Tilelive and Tessera are possibilities.

Kosmtik is another option - i have no experience with this though and I would really recommend using mapbox.


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