When I access the garmin plugin compatibility site.

Which one? This one: http://software.garmin.com/es-ES/gcp.html

I get the following notice: [Browser name] No Longer Supports this Plugin.

Garmin notice

On any browser.

This happens on different laptops.

I followed the instructions to enable the plugin on Internet Explorer, and it won't work.

Anybody else having the same issue?


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Not sure how this question ended up in GIS stack exchange. Garmin no longer supports the browser plugins. You'll need to install garmin express to manage and sync your device to garmin connect. If you have an account on strava you can also sync those accounts.


Maybe it is something to do with Chrome and Firefox dropping support for NP-plugins (also known as legacy plugins or Netscape plugins) due to performance issues. You may try to install Palemoon browser, which is a fork of Mozilla Firefox with intent to support these plugins. It worked for me on a different plugin that failed.

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