I have a GeoJSON file corresponding to blocks from the Census website. I'd like to display them on a map with them shaded a certain color as determined by various data stored in a PostGIS database. Since blocks are so small, I'd like to use a tile layer to only serve the necessary amount to the client as the entire dataset is way too big (300+ MB).

Is there a way to color polygons individually based on corresponding datapoints either on the client or server side? I have all the polygons along with their corresponding datapoints stored in a PostGIS database. I'm using TileSplash to retreive the polygons and serve up a vector tile layer which then gets rendered by leaflet (react-leaflet). Is this possible to do with a vector tile layer or do I need to use a raster tile layer?


I ended up using the D3 Tile Layer for Leaflet. It allows you to style each feature individually, which worked perfectly.

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