I have a csv that I'm trying to import in postgres with postgis enabled but can't seem to get the EWKB field to work. I have created a table:

CREATE TABLE sample_data ( id character varying(200) NOT NULL, uid character varying(200) NOT NULL, point_geom geometry(Point,4326) NOT NULL);

and then copied the data from the csv into it:

COPY sample_data FROM 'D:/Workspace/sample_data.csv' DELIMITER ',' CSV;

Sample CSV: "id","uid","point_geom" "1953642","12359234","0101000020E610000030629F008AB937407D2079E750FC4240"

Error I get from Postgres is: ERROR: parse error - invalid geometry SQL state: XX000 Hint: "point_g" <-- parse error at position 7 within geometry Context: COPY sample_data, line 1, column point_geom: "point_geom"

Anyone have any ideas? That error is not exactly the clearest to me...

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PostGIS is reporting a parse error because it's reading the header row and trying to parse the text "point_geom" as a geometry. You can instruct COPY to skip the header row by adding the HEADER flag to your command:

COPY sample_data FROM 'D:/Workspace/sample_data.csv' DELIMITER ',' CSV HEADER;
  • That got it. Thanks man that was driving me up a wall. Aug 29, 2016 at 23:38

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