I found data about offshore Windparks in Germany I'd like to import into QGIS. According to this tutorial it should be quite easy:


But all I get are empty layers. The attribute table is empty too.

The dataset is downloaded from here:


I download the Windfarm data under ''Speichern'' and I get a small 5,5kb file. Importing it into QGIS works technicially but the layer is empty.

  • Does GoogleEarth show downloaded file properly? Can you provide the kml file. – Dmitry Baryshnikov Aug 30 '16 at 10:00

The kml file I get is just a wrapper around a WMS layer, when added to QGis I get a bounding box but zooming in doesn't seem to generate more requests.

However pasting https://www.geoseaportal.de/wss/service/CONTIS_Facilities/guest? into the QGis WMS server box seems to work just fine.

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