I have an ArcGIS Online Group with approximately 60 Layers that need updated weekly from our Fiber Network. I have done some research on updating the ArcGIS Online Layers but the issue is having to change the settings to "Allow Edits."

This is causing a couple issues. The people using the maps should not be allowed to edit these particular layers, also it is causing confusion when I need to update and they see 60+ layers that can be edited. The second issue is the time it takes every week to update these layers when I have to go to each layer, turn on edit mode, update, then go back through and turn edit mode off on each of the layers. I am hoping there is away around this in some fashion.


If you are using hosted feature layers in ArcGIS Online you can put these layers in a group that allows shared ownership and you open the layers with full editing mode. This will not require you to toggle editing on/off and for all other users of the maps with those layers will not notice any editing issues.


  • OK, I can see how this works. Within FME it looks as if I will have to add the suffix "&isAdmin=true" to the end of the feature service address. I am looking into a way to do this now.
    – GravitaZ
    Aug 30 '16 at 14:15

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