What do I have:

QGIS 2.16.2 / WIN7

I defined a style on a PostGIS layer which I saved as default in the Datasource database. This works quite nice!

What do I need:

Now I want to create the style from scratch but I have a hard time 'resetting' the style. After deleting the record in public.layer_styles the style still loads with the layer on my system, but not on other systems. Also does load with user login, but not with admin login. So I suspect I saved the style by accident in the Local database as well. Where to find this 'Local database' and how do I remove the style from it?

enter image description here

What have I tried:

  • Searched the QGIS settings.
  • Browsed to ....qgis2\ and viewed the SpatialLite databases with FME. No answers found.
  • Copy the table in PostGIS, add to QGIS, copy default style and paste to original table, save as default in local database. This works for me now but I still would like to know where the style is saved.

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