I've created a map which shows some pupil post codes as points on the map and it also contains a layer which shows Wards within the city.

I would like to create a legend or table which shows how many pupils reside in each ward and the councillor responsible for the ward.

Is there a way to do this in MapInfo? I have already created a table in excel which shows this but i need the information to be on the map.

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You can use Table > Update Column to update a column in your Wards table with the count of the number of pupils within it. To do this fill out your Update Column window as below:

Table to Update: Wards

Column to Update: NumPupils (add this to your table if necessary)

Get Value from Table: PupilPostcodes

Click the 'Join' button and set the radio button to 'where object from table...' and change the drop-down so that the pupil postcode points are within the Wards (or the Wards contain the pupil postcode points). Click OK to go back to the Update Column window.

Calculate: Count

Click OK and you should now have a count of the number of pupils against each Ward.

You should then be able to display this in a Legend window (Map > Create Legend), just use the wizard to create the legend and select the correct column to label the Legend with.

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