Here is the situation: Because UI Controls cannot be saved to Normal.mxt like they used to I had to create an empty document with all my custom VBA code that is mostly called from the local document-level UI controls. (Until I have time to get proficient with .NET things will have to run this way) All is good although it would have been nice to have Normal.mxt-level UI Controls back... Whenever I need custom functionality i start creating the new document within my Custom Template. One annoying problem I have is that I have to dock ArcToolbox every time i open a document created from the custom template. It will just not stay docked whether I save the custom template with it docked or the Normal.mxt. Normal template documents are fine, ArcToolbox is where i want it, just the custom template is misbehaving. Any ideas? Thanksalt text



The handle to the ArcToolbox dockable window.

IArcToolbox.hWnd Property

You can create new templates by saving map documents in your user profile that only you will see. Add user-defined categories (folders) and map document templates to the following location:


Tip - To create multiple System template locations, you can modify the following registry key, separating folders with a semicolon (;).


C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.0\Bin\Templates;E:\More System Templates

Customizing the user interface With ArcGIS 10, map documents referencing map templates (.mxt) files for configuring user interfaces is no longer supported. ArcGIS 9.3.1 map documents referencing .mxt will continue to work at ArcGIS 10; however, you cannot create new .mxt files or modify existing .mxt files for saving user interface customizations.



Running MxdDoctor corrects this issue but unfortunately the utility also removes customization (UI Controls & toolbars)

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