I am using QGIS 2.14 and I want to set my contour line lables so that my minor labels (every half a metre) are only shown at a scale under 1:1000, while having all my major (every metre) labels always showing. I assume you can do this in the expression builder - but I am not sure where to find the 'Maximum' function name.

So far I have:

When "Elevation" Like '%.5' THEN ????
When "Elevation Like '%.0' THEN ???

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Try rule based labelling. Can't be 100% sure as I'm on 2.16 but that you can set what scale the labels are shown and I believe that it is available in 2.14 but if you check out this screenshot for 2.12 it is available then: Rule-based labeling and the Data defined placement options are not working together (QGIS 2.12, 2.14)

EDIT: Simplified method

OK having a quick play on 2.16 under 'rendering' in the layer properties you have scale based visibility. Using the data defined option you can set a CASE/WHEN statement on the maximum scale value like:

CASE WHEN "Elevation" LIKE '%.5' THEN 1000

This will only show the 0.5 labels with scales under 1000. Again this is on 2.16

  • That worked for me, thanks! Is it not possible to do using the " CASE WHEN" method?
    – T.O.6
    Sep 2, 2016 at 9:54

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