I have a table with the columns of id,tags(hstore data type) and geometry. I want to categorize the table based on selecting the specific key form tags: for example:

select * FROM table_name WHERE tags @> 'public_transport=>stop_position'

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In QGIS 3.4, you can use the htsore_to_map expression to get a map (dictionary) of the hstore field. Then you can use one of the map expressions to manipulate it:

access htsore value

In QGIS 3.6, you can use the "explode hstore field" which will create one field for each keys in the hstore field:

explode hstore field


Solution with QGIS 2.18

You need the plugin 'Expressions plus'. Then you can perform queries on a hstore-column.

If you choose 'Categorized' and use an expression-based column you can categorize values within a certain key: hstore_get_value(other_tags, 'surface')

enter image description here

For QGIS 3 I haven't found a way to perform that


You can't use HSTORE operators in standard QGIS expression like that.

However if your back-end database is Postgres, and you have installed the HSTORE extension (to ensure your operators like => are defined) then you may be able to use them in Database Manager SQL queries.

Alternatively, if that doesn't work, then a Postgres query that uses a CASE statement to allocate these values to a new column in your table would work. (Or you could create a new MATERIALIZED VIEW using the same technique)

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