In MySql database I have points (pairs of latitudes and longitudes represented as doubles) like this:

45.045664| 46.084528
26.938933| 60.903848

Now, what I need is to get these points from my database (which is not a problem at all) and echo them in a WKT format or WKT line (this part I don't know). This PHP script is going to be a part of an API used by Windows App.

How can I convert points to WKT format?

Perhaps there is a plugin I can use.


You can just use string concatenation to create the WKT you need. So if you want points just do:

"POINT("+lat+" "+lon+")"

or for LineStrings:

line = "LINESTRING(";
for(int i=0;i<coords.length;i++){
    line+=coords[i].x+" "+coords[i].y+",";
line=line.substring(0:len-1); //remove last comma
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  • Oh, I also thought about this way but it seemed so simple to me. Thank you. – NutCracker Sep 3 '16 at 9:58

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