I want to georefrence streets in Autocad. I used _Align command for a single object, but it is not working with multiple objects. How can we align multiple objects together in autocad?

enter image description here


To align any number of objects, you can transform them into a block (see tutorial if necessary):

enter image description here

  • launch the _bloc command
  • give a random name (2)
  • click on a place near the objects to be georeferenced (6)
  • Select all your objects you need (4+3)
  • Click on allow exploding (8)
  • Click OK (9)

Next your can georeference your bloc with _align. when you're satisfied, just explode the bloc.

You can also use _wbloc to create another drawing with your streets, then use the insert external reference and georeference this external drawing. Then as final, bind the objects to your reference drawing (see tutorial here)

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