I've found the OS Translator II plugin which works perfectly for the Topology Layers, but it doesn't have an option to import OS Sites Layers.

How can I import this product into QGIS/PostGIS? I've tried naively importing the gml.gz file but it only gives the following fields.

  • id

  • geom

  • gml_id

  • toid

  • version

  • versionDate

  • reasonForChange

  • refToFunctionalSite

  • accessType

  • refToRoutingPoint

  • natureOfAccess

  • refToITNRoadNode

  • itnRoadNodeVersionDate

Answers using the QGIS GUI or Python psycopg2 are equally useful.


OK, I've managed to answer my own question.

I ended up using the Loader tool from Astun technology (here).

I had a number of errors and problems getting set up - or at least I thought I did - but they turned out to be mainly caused by trying to put quotes around the file paths in loader.config. These weren't required, and were causing loader.py to try and parse non-existent files.

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