I've added

layerControlLayerInfos: { menu: [{ label: 'Query Layer...', iconClass: 'fa fa-search fa-fw', topic: 'queryLayer' }, { label: 'Open Attribute Table', topic: 'openTable', iconClass: 'fa fa-table fa-fw' }] },

What are the additional steps need to launch a attribute table from a sublayer menu?

How do I subscribe other widgets to the topic defined above?

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The attributes table widget doesn't listen for this topic out of the box. It needs an 'invisible' widget to listen for the topic layerControl/openTable which builds its table parameters that will define its fields, and other settings and open the table with attributesContainer/addTable.

widgets: {
    attributesTableMenu: {
        type: 'invisible',
        path: 'dijit/_WidgetBase',
        id: 'attributesTableMenu',
        options: {
            startup: function(){
                topic.subscribe('layerControl/openTable', function(layer){
                    topic.publish('attributesContainer/addTable', {
                        title: layer.subLayer.name,
                        topicID: layer.layer.id + layer.subLayer.id,
                        queryOptions: {
                            queryParameters: {
                                url: layer.layer.url + '/' + layer.subLayer.id,    
                                where: '1=1'
                    //other table options 

This is documented at the bottom of the latest CMV docs on this page: http://docs.cmv.io/en/latest/widgets/LayerControl/

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