I am trying to create a base map in my SSA implementation but just can't find the process for this in the documentation (http://support.pb.com/help/spectrum/11.1/webhelp/en/InstallationGuide-Windows/index.html)

So how do I change an imagery dataset to a "Base Map". The "Show As" option doesn't give me any choice...I believe this has to be done in mapinfo prior to uploading it as a map using the SpectrumSpatialMapUploader.mbx

enter image description here

Using the instructions in the documentation I have been trying to change the map config coordinate system but It won't let me edit it. I see that it depends on the base map which I have not been able to create.

  • What did PB say when you used your support contract? – BradHards Sep 7 '16 at 23:51
  • I haven't contacted them yet. I prefer to use this forum so that then the info can be found by others and promotes the use of stackexchange. I'll contact PB if I can't get an answer here in the next couple of days and then post that answer. – GeorgeC Sep 8 '16 at 1:15

Figured it out...

I had to create a named tile from a named map.


Then this can be used as a base map

This really should be included in the documentation where it talks about a base map.

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