I try to create a multiple lines label for this this polygon:

enter image description here

I red

How to create multiline labels in QGIS?

QGIS, Multiple lines and wrap on character?

and tried to use the "wordwrap" function with this expression:

wordwrap('high sensivtity area - red',10  )

and in the output preview (down the Expression string builder) it look fine and this is the result i'm seeking - but when i choose OK - nothing change in the map.

I don't want to use the option to put a space in the 'Wrap on character' section, because i don't want each word i separate line

enter image description here

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If 'high sensitivity area - red' is located in the attribute table you can use the field name instead of the direct string, as follows:

wordwrap( "Field_name" ,10)

It should be defined in the expression under Label with:

enter image description here

Here is the output result:

enter image description here

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