I added an SSL certificate to ArcGIS Server, and named it *.mydomain.net.

ArcGIS Server does not seem to like the asterisk though; when trying to open the REST interface (https://ags.mydomain.net/arcgis/admin/machines/AGS.MYDOMAIN.NET/sslcertificates/*.mydomain.net) the browser just shows Bad Request (Firefox) or Cannot find webpage (IE). Replacing * with %2A does not work either.

Obviously, I cannot delete this certificate through the web interface now.

Is there a way to do this manually? Maybe there's a directory, or registry enter or whatever where AGS stores certificates?

(Note: I already added the same certificate with a valid name too, and everything works, it's just that I want to clean up the mess)

  • * can't be valid char in file. Check what's name of .cer file in folder C:\arcgisserver\config-store\machines\AGS.MYDOMAIN.NET Mar 30 '17 at 9:29
  • That folder only has a file called SelfsignedCertificate.cer and arcgis.keystore
    – Berend
    Mar 30 '17 at 10:03
  • I have the same stuff there. I was able to generate certificate .mydomain.net, ArcGIS updated file arcgis.keystore. But I was able to navigate to URL .../sslcertificates/.mydomain.net/delete and delete the certificate. I am using ArcGIS 10.3. Maybe there are issues with such URLs on 10.4. Mar 30 '17 at 13:44
  • This is 10.2.2. The * prevents me from opening that link. I added /delete to the URL, but still no fun.
    – Berend
    Mar 30 '17 at 14:54
  • You can use Java's keytool, like: "C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Server\framework\runtime\jre\bin\keytool.exe" -list -v -keystore arcgis.keystore to list certificates and then remove it. But I don't know what password ArcGIS uses for keystore. Mar 31 '17 at 7:03

C:\ArcGIS\Server\framework\etc\certificates contains a file called keystorepass.dat open it in notepad and it contains the password for the keystore.

  • with ArcGIS Server v10.61 the contents of the keystorepass.dat file is {crypt}...long_hash_string... which wasn't much use. I did however find the password in Server\framework\runtime\tomcat\conf\server.xml by searching for keystorePass
    – jerrykan
    Jan 10 '20 at 3:34

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