Is it possible to store relative paths in an unmanaged raster catalog?

What I want to do:



I see this feature request which leads me to believe it's not possible:

When I use the Repair Raster Catalog Paths tool it accepts a relative path as the new path parameter but when I export the paths using the Export Raster Catalog Paths tool the paths are the full path. So it looks like it is resolving the full path and putting that in instead of the relative path.

Repair Raster Catalog Paths tool

enter image description here

Export Raster Catalog Paths output

enter image description here


A workaround may be to use UNC path, by sharing the folder on the network: \MachineName\SharedFolder...

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    Unfortunately UNC paths are a no go because of the performance degradation. The raster catalogs are being used for ArcGIS server services which need to be performant. – Andy Arismendi Mar 1 '12 at 14:17

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