Where can I find the EPSG code of a Feature Class?


Browse your feature class in ArcCatalog -> Properties -> XY Coordinate System, as you can see below:

enter image description here


When you load the feature class into the table of content (TOC), right-click the in the view and go to Data Frame Properties -> Coordinate System and you will find it there. Or you can go to the Layers (in the TOC)-> Properties -> Coordinate System as you can see below:

enter image description here

  • That is where I was looking. However, I found the code 102329 there, which google doesn't seem to know. I beleave it should be EPSG 4647.And why is it WKID and not EPSG? Is it always the same? – Alex Sep 15 '16 at 7:42
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    I think this link will answer your question: gis.stackexchange.com/a/18675/63384, so in your case they are not the same, and the ID you have is ESRI defined WKID. – ahmadhanb Sep 15 '16 at 7:44
  • If they are looking at the Table of Contents then they will be in ArcMap and I think probably better to use its Catalog window rather than ArcCatalog for which there have been few use cases since 10.0 was released. – PolyGeo Sep 15 '16 at 7:50
  • @ ahmadhanb Yes, that answers my question. And thanks to all for answers and comments. – Alex Sep 15 '16 at 8:04
  • (Esri employee here) We added a set of zones marked 7 stellen and 8 stellen upon customer request which included 102329. We haven't linked it to a particular EPSG code. EPSG::4647 was linked to our existing 102362. This is partially complicated by the axis ordering. If a ProjCRS has northing-easting ordering Esri needs to handle it differently than if it's easting-northing (our default). – mkennedy Sep 15 '16 at 21:06

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