I am pretty new to ArcGis Pro and would like to import (near surface geophysical data) which are available as x/y/z/p(arameter/value). The x/y locations are in UTM so no local coordinate system is needed to work around. I am sure this is possible but couldn't find anything on the ArcGis ressources page.


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  1. Save the file as a CSV or excel sheet with the four columns (x,y,z,p)
  2. Go to ArcScene use add x,y data from file menu, add data option.
  3. Use the appropriate columns for x,y, z values
  4. After adding the data to the map , right click on the corresponding layer and select properties.
  5. In the properties there is a tab for base heights. In that use elevation from values in the layer's features. This will render the layer in 3 dimension.
  6. Use the symbology section and choose appropriate colours based on the 'p' attribute for rendering the colours based on parameters.

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