I have created an OpenLayers 3 heatmap. Because my weight column is not in the range 0-1, I need to use a function to divide it by the maximum value (which I know). I am doing the following:

var lyr_airports = new ol.layer.Heatmap({
    radius: 20,
    weight: function(){'ELEV'/1569},
    title: "airports"

Is that correct? In other words, does it recognize column names like that in the function, or do I need to reference the column fully? If the latter (in this example), how?

Edit Just spotted a horribly basic error: no return. Will fix that and retest.

  • Is it weight: function(feature){return feature.properties['ELEV'];}? Sep 15, 2016 at 22:47

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The weight function takes a feature as an attribute (Code can be found on GitHub). You can use it like that:

var lyr_airports = new ol.layer.Heatmap({
    // ...
    weight: function(feature){
        // get your feature property
        var weightProperty = feature.get('ELEV');
        // perform some calculation to get weightProperty between 0 - 1
        weightProperty = weightProperty /1569; // this was your suggestion - make sure this makes sense
        return weightProperty;

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