This is my first time working with rasters outside of a class on remote sensing, Im working on learning the vocabulary and hope Im doing a ok job of it.

I would like to merge two rasters both have the same spatial extent one has number of harvested hectares for corn the other for wheat. Each raster cell has a value that gives the number of harvested hectares of corn or wheat. I would like the finished raster after the merge to show different color ramp for both corn and wheat. Each cells should show after the merge the value for harvested hectares area this could be corn or wheat. I have used the raster calculator to merge the two raster but this gives me one value with a the two harvested hectares summed, I need have one raster with a column for corn harvested hectares and a column for wheat with harvested hectares.

I am using arcGIS 10.3

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    Area cannot be highest, yield can – FelixIP Sep 16 '16 at 4:59
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