Is there a GIS standard to display transportation specific information in GIS databases. The information I'm interested in are:

  • Road Directionality
  • Center turning lanes
  • Ramps / Bridges / Over or under passes / culverts / merge lanes
  • grade / crown / ditch
  • Traffic Signals and timing
  • allowable turning movements, u turns / left / right / through turns, penalties or bonuses(Time)

As we're all aware, transportation data is very general and includes a lot of fields. The only resource that address this are GIS-T book by Milelr, ESRI's designing transportation databases book, and a few papers by Michael Goodchild

Some Software like TransCAD, Emme 2/3, and ArcGIS have their own ways of representing network topology. It'll be interesting if there was a standard that all software companies can adhere too


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Maybe the INSPIRE data specification for transport networks could be usefull? It uses a generic model of networks presented in this document, part 9.9.3.


It seems like OSM Binary format might come close. It's not really a "standard" in the formal sense however.

I wonder if an extension to KML could efficiently store road metadata. It seems like it could be easily inserted into the current KML schema.

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