I am a Computer Science graduate. I have one year of experience in JAVA programming & I recently started working with GIS applications. I found it so interesting that I would like to do my Post Graduate & PHD in a field related to GIS. Can anybody suggest some online courses, Professional Schools or Universities with a good reputation/curriculum?


I understand that COGS has a number of great programs and that you can also do work placement programs as part of the educational experience. Not only does this give you some hands-on experience, it could actually lead to a job offer following your placement. I don't know if they offer any online options "specific to GIS" but HERE'S A LINK speciific to online learning options.

They have a great reputation. I know a Geologist who graduated from one of their Post Graduate programs in GIS, and he had an exceptionally strong & diverse GIS skill set (programming languages, LIDAR analysis, 3D modeling, etc, etc). There's also a bit of a course list HERE. If you scroll to the bottom you can access the course list and a wealth of other information. There are a number of programs available, but here's a link to the course for a concentration in Geographic Sciences (just one of the many concentrations they offer).

If full time schooling is an option, you will receive a fantastic education here. If not, I suggest you look in to their online and part-time options. I hope this helps.


Geomatics Institute at Fleming

Sault College - Applications Specialist


The NewMapsPlus program at U. of Kentucky focuses on open-source and web mapping. Seems to be focus on javascript and related libraries and Q rather than Esri stuff.



I personally found this site (https://www.e-education.psu.edu/geog485/node/152) to be extremely useful.

It emphasizes the python language as it pertains to mapping. Additionally a lot of powerful and rapid data analysis can be performed using it in combination with GIS software.

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