From a model, I would like to save processing results in a file. In my model I have some Extract by location algorithms (with two vector inputs) producing reasonable results but only as temporary layers, which I have to Save as... manually, which for a pile of analyses is bothering and time consuming.

Best, I would like to pass a path to my model, where my results are saved as shapefiles (in a first step).

This is the model. Note that the output vector (file) cannot connect to any of the processing results:

enter image description here

As can be seen in the screenshots a), we are able to pass a name for a final result, but not a file, even in the Save selected features algorithm b).

a) enter image description here

b) enter image description here

I have a vague idea how to achieve this with a python script, but can this be done with a combination of existing tools?

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If you want to pass a path in your model to save your shapefiles into instead of doing it manually, a custom script is probably the way to go. You can write a script to run the Extract by location tool and define the path of the output. Something like this perhaps:


layer = processing.getObject(Layer)
output_path = "C:/Users/You/Desktop/" + layer.name() + ".shp"

processing.runalg("qgis:extractbylocation", Layer, Additional_layer, u'contains', 0.00, output_path)

Replace the Extract by location tools in your model with this script and it will save the results to a shapefile in the path you specified.


QGIS modeler treats any tool as intermediate which does not save any output, unless otherwise stated.

To force the model to export a result, you have to input a layer output name in the Tool row.

enter image description here

If I want to export the above result as a layer, I input a value in the output as so: enter image description here

What this does is add a dialoge box whenyou run the tool that you can set the output file:

enter image description here

The model itself shows the types of data with colors: purple for inputs, cyan for outputs

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    This is true indeed, but it is the same effort as leaving the output vectors as temporary files and then doing rightclick > Save As... for each of them. Commented Sep 20, 2016 at 10:41

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