I am trying to create an application, where in I want to zoom to selected features. Basically, I want to zoom to the extent of a selected point or polygon.

  • I am trying to do this in javascript. – shipi Mar 2 '12 at 18:55

Try this will work for you

function ZoomToSelection() {
      graphics = new esri.Graphic();
      var taxLotExtent;
  graphics = featureLayer.getSelectedFeatures();
      taxLotExtent = graphics[0].geometry.getExtent();
  • The above one is for single feature for multiple features use esri.geometry.Extent(pass the individual geometry extent by iterating). You will get the resultant Extent of the selected fetures. – Jagadesh Mar 12 '13 at 13:40
  • You can't just iterate since you will then zoom to each individual feature in succession. You need to merge all the extents then zoom to the resulting extent. – NenadK Feb 26 '16 at 1:03

I suspect the java is not far from this (this is C#) but the principles are the same. Query the selection extents, union them, bump the result by a factor, and show it.

// passing in ActiveView 
// passing in targetLayer
// ZOOM_FACTOR = 1.5 
// ensure we have selected features
IFeatureSelection featureSelection = targetLayer as IFeatureSelection;
if (featureSelection == null) return;

ISelectionSet selectionSet = featureSelection.SelectionSet;

using (ComReleaser comReleaser = new ComReleaser())
    // search for each selection
    ICursor cursor;
    selectionSet.Search(null, true, out cursor);

    // build an envelope containing a union of the selections
    IFeatureCursor featureCursor = cursor as IFeatureCursor;
    IFeature feature;
    IEnvelope envelope = new EnvelopeClass();
    while ((feature = featureCursor.NextFeature()) != null)
        IGeometry geometry = feature.Shape;
        IEnvelope featureExtent = geometry.Envelope;

    if (!envelope.IsEmpty)
        // set the extent
        envelope.Expand(ZOOM_FACTOR, ZOOM_FACTOR, true);
        view.Extent = envelope;

You should be able to do this by calling getSelectedFeatures() on your Feature Layer (big assumption that this is a graphics or feature layer, am i correct here?) and then iterating through the returned array of Graphic objects. If the features are polygons, then the geometry property will have a getExtent() method. Just keep track of the extreme lat/lng values and set the map extent to these once you've checked all of the selected features. I'm a little confused by your mention of 'point and polygon' because I thought feature classes had to be one type or the other. Are you trying to zoom in on a group of features selected from two different sets? This would be a little trickier but should still be achievable by a similar method.


Why not use graphicUtils.graphicsExtent

Simply pass in the array of graphics and you will get the extent.


To zoom at particular feature, you need a geometry of the feature.

var geometry = selectedFeature.geometry;
zoomToFeature: function (geometry) {

Esri documentation of extent

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