I am creating ROI in Clouds using "create a ROI" (polygon) and this warning often shows after i save the ROI. Since the warning says that it will affect the Maximum Likelihood, that is why i delete the ROI that i created. But sometimes there is no warning.

Any advice why this happened? is it the size of the polygon i created? is it necessary to delete it?


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The ROI is too small (or too homogeneous) for the Maximum Likelihood algorithm because that ROI has a singular covariance matrix. You should create larger ROIs or don’t use the Maximum Likelihood algorithm in the classification process.

Check out (FAQ: 7.4.1.): FAQ - SCP-Plugin


Try to satellite download using SCP plugin only and don't forget to download associated XML files if available, I notice if data downloaded or imported from the external sources are lack in essential statistic files.

  • The problem has already been identified (see accepted answer) two years ago, so it seems pointless to add a guessing answer. Thanks for trying either way and please check out the tour. May 28, 2018 at 11:51

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