Is there a feature of ModelBuilder that allows a user to select a feature class based on a list of all feature classes in a geodatabase, ie upon opening the tool, the user will select the geodatabase and then will see a list of all feature classes available to run the tool on.

Iterate doesn't seem to work, because I can't find a way to input the results into the a list in the parameters. Multivalue doesn't work either if I have to manually populate the list.

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    Have you tried the Select Data tool? It allows you to select a geodatabase and have a drop down of the feature classes found within.
    – Baltok
    Sep 20, 2016 at 20:21

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As suggested by Baltok in the comments, you can use the select data tool.

Add this to the beginning of your model.

enter image description here

To make the child data element a parameter, right click on 'Select Data' and say make variable from parameter and select child data element. Then make the child data element a model parameter.

enter image description here


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