I'm trying to create data tables by SQL and visualize them by CARTO editor.

But between my local and CARTO environments, the results of CartoDBfy were different : local was failed and CARTO was success.

What is the different between each environments? And what should I do to deal with the table in CARTO editor?

Details are bellow.

1. Local Environment

I built the development CartoDB environment on cloud server, according to 'http://cartodb.readthedocs.io/en/latest/install.html'. The installation was finished successfully and I can use CARTO without problems.

Then I created and CartoDBfy'ed a table like this

CREATE TABLE public.test (
    cartodb_id INTEGER,
    the_geom geometry(Geometry,4326),
    the_geom_webmercator geometry(Geometry,3857),
    code character(4) NOT NULL

SELECT cdb_cartodbfytable('test');

These queries were finished successfully. The returned message was bellow.

{"rows":[{"cdb_cartodbfytable":"test"}],"time":0.068,"fields":{"cdb_cartodbfytable":{"type":"regclass"}},"total_rows":1,"notices":["trigger \"track_updates\" for table \"test\" does not exist, skipping","trigger \"update_the_geom_webmercator_trigger\" for table \"test\" does not exist, skipping","trigger \"test_quota\" for table \"test\" does not exist, skipping","trigger \"test_quota_per_row\" for table \"test\" does not exist, skipping"]}

But the table NEVER appeared on the Datasets dashboard.

2. CARTO Environment

I executed same queries in my CARTO Account(xxx.caro.com) via SQL API, they were finishing successfully with the same message and APPEARED in the dashboard.

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When you CartoDBfy a table you adapt it to CARTO, but it does not register it in the metadata that the Editor/Builder use to retrieve the list of datasets. This behaviour is what we call "Ghost Tables"

When you go into your Dashboard in CARTO, a Ghost Tables Manager script checks the consistency between the metadata (the user_table and visualization models) and the data in your user database. It registers everything that looks like a proper Carto table and it's not registered already as a User Table.

In order to force this behaviour in your environment, you can go into the Rails console and force the GhostTablesManager to run:

bundle exec rails c development
u = User.find(username:'your_username')

Now, the next time you go into your dashboard you should see your new table.

And, if you're interested, here you can find the GhostTablesManager code: https://github.com/CartoDB/cartodb/blob/3d462fe0569af595760f02740270763ba3b76205/lib/carto/ghost_tables_manager.rb

  • I am able to see new table after running the code! Thanks a lot!
    – takeho
    Sep 21, 2016 at 10:11

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