I want to use i.landsat8.swlst add-on in GRASS GIS to calculate LST from Landsat8 data for my study area.

In the following command:

i.landsat8.swlst mtl=MTL prefix=B landcover=FROM_GLC -n

​Which Basename i am going to provide as prefix for landsat8 data?

  • Say, the the name of of the Landsat8 bands i imported in GRASS GIS is as LC81470372015290LGN00_B2, and i am supported to use prefix=the prefix of the band names imported in GRASS GIS data base. I don't know what is the basename in above imported band.
    – John
    Sep 22, 2016 at 5:02

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I found the answer to this query.

Say, we are going to calculate LST for Landsat8 scene (LC81470372015290LGN00_B2), The Basename we are going to use for prefix in above mentioned command is:


(Exclude the band number rest will be your Basename)

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