I have tried adding the dataset in QGIS using 'qgis.utils.iface.addRasterLayer()'. But it throws this error.

Invalid Layer: GDAL provider Cannot open GDAL dataset http://precisionedgeag.com:8080/arcgis/rest/services/ImageServices/RapidEye_R_NDVI?f=json&pretty=true: `C:\DOCUME~1\15937.DSM\LOCALS~1\Temp\file.dat' not recognized as a supported file format. Raster layer Provider is not valid (provider: gdal, URI: http://precisionedgeag.com:8080/arcgis/rest/services/ImageServices/RapidEye_R_NDVI?f=json&pretty=true

How to add this ArcGIS server (Imageservice dataset) in QGIS?

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At this time you can't add Image Services into QGIS, there is no plugin. Image services can be loaded into ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro, or ArcGIS Online.

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