I have two sets of polygon cadastre parcel data with different attributes and slightly varying geometry. What I need to do is to transfer the attributes of Feature A (older) to the geometry of Feature B (newer). This will allow me to compare old attribute data against the updated cadastre. At first glance, this does not seem too complicated. However, A and B do not share the same unique identifier, and the lookup table provided with the datasets is incredibly unreliable. Therefore, I need to complete the attribute transfer through a spatial relationship. The process needs to be as automated as possible due to the size of the datasets.

The problem is further complicated in that not every parcel in Feature A will have a 1:1 relationship with a parcel in Feature B. However, I will focus on reconciling those parcels which do have a 1:1 relationship for now.

My first attempt in ArcGIS included using the Attribute Transfer Tool in the Spatial Adjustment toolbar. The steps I took something like this:

  • Use Feature to Line to convert Feature A and B from polygons to lines. This step is necessary because the Attribute Transfer tool only accepts lines as input.

  • Run Attribute Transfer Tool with A as the 'Source' feature and B as the 'Target' to transfer attributes of Feature A to the geometry of Feature B. Result: lines in Feature B (within a specified tolerance of lines in A) A now have the attributes of A.

  • Run Feature To Polygon to convert these B’s newly attributed lines back to polygons. However, the Feature to Polygon tool has a known bug – so attributes do not transfer to the new polygons although the geometry is created successfully.

So basically I need to find a way to preserve attribution when creating a polygon from attributed lines.

Other strategies I have attempted:

  • Workaround using Spatial Join to join the lines of feature A to the polygons of B to the target geometry. However, the results were unreliable and did not produce the expected numbers of matched and unmatched features.
  • I have also been fiddling with the “Production Feature Builder” but I have not found a way to use this tool in an automated fashion yet. I have over 16 000 polygons to transfer in total from A to B so a manual update is out of the question!

I'm also open to suggestion in FME, and will post details on what I've already tried there if requested

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  • If you are "still stuck on part 1" then that is what you should focus your question on. There is an edit button beneath your question that you will be able to use to revise it to contain just the details pertinent to that focussed question. – PolyGeo Sep 23 '16 at 22:54
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